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Legal Highs and Seeds at Smokey Sams


If you are looking for a fine selection of smoking paraphernalia in the UK, then you have landed at the best possible website. Our customers come back again and again for all their smoking accessories. Why? because we are discreet, we know what you are looking for and we can advise free of charge.


We offer the best prices on Female seeds such as Dutch Passion, Sensi seeds and Big Buddha. To go with your choice of seeds we provide classic accessories for all legal highs and smoking needs; scales, papers and ice-catchers to name but a few.


Legal highs, often referred to as herbal high or smoking highs, are all the ways to have a great time without breaking the law. Smokey Sam keeps an eye on the best products for a natural high, without you worrying about what's legal and what's not!


Other natural high's in the UK are derived from products such as legal high pills. Buy vaporisers, plant food, seed grinders and more at the UK's favourite shop for natural high's.


Start by searching for a suitable pipe, our best sellers are metal, wooden and glass pipes. If you are after a bong see our choice of large and small glass bongs, all carefully wrapped for delivery in the UK. We are based in Sheffield and have been selling legal highs in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Leeds and Manchester. Pick up in-store or order over the phone, the choice is yours.




Smokey Sams No Longer Offers Home Deliveries